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Dear client…


Natuurlijk hebben wij dierenartsen het leukste beroep ter wereld. Maar soms heb je van die eigenaren die toch het bloed onder je nagels vandaan kunnen halen. Onderstaande “brief” zwerft al een tijdje rond op het internet, maar toch wilden we hem nog een keer delen. Want wees eerlijk, hij blíjft grappig én herkenbaar! 


Dear client,

Welcome to our practice. The following are some suggestions of how to make things most pleasant for our staff.

  • As you have already figured out your scheduled appointment time is just a suggestion. Feel free to ignore it and do as you please.
  • If you are not going to show up, please do not call. We like the suspense of trying to figure out what you are going to do. Sometimes we run bets on it. So as you can see, calling and informing us of your intentions would just take the fun out of our day.
  • Verbal abuse is always appreciated. If possible, wait till the waiting room is full. Please be creative in your profanity, we all like to expand our vocabulary.
  • Do not put your dog on a leash or your cat in a carrier. Just let them loose as soon as you walk in. The staff enjoys a little pandemonium.
  • Bring as many small children as possible. Three or more is preferred. If you don’t have that many borrow from your neighbors (look for the most poorly behaved). Make sure they all have juice and crayons because we love to clean. Also, we encourage them to jump on the furniture, play rough with the hospital cat, and go through the drawers.
  • Do not bring any prior records as we request. Calling other clinics gives us time to catch up with old friends. lees meer…