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Essential and Advanced anaesthesiology

Data: 28 en 29 maart 2019
Locatie: Anatomiegebouw, Veeartsenijstraat Utrecht
Aanvang: 09.00
Onderwerp: Anesthesiologie en pijnstilling
Sprekers: Hans Nieuwendijk, DVM en Marieke de Vries, DVM

  • Essential Anaesthesiology one day course EUR 275 (excl VAT)
  • Advanced Anaesthesiology one day course EUR 275 (excl VAT)
  • Essential and Advanced Anaesthesiology (two one-day courses) EUR 500 (excl VAT)

Organisatie: AniCura Continuing Education


Korte omschrijving

The two courses are both theoretical. Each course is a separate course. The “Essential anaesthesiology” course will give you the basics that you need to anaesthetize or work professionally with small animal anaestesia. For the “Advanced Anaesthesiology “course it is of advantage if you have attended the first course “Essential anaesthesiology” or have earlier experience of anaesthesiology. The lecturers will review the latest anaesthetic and monitoring equipment, the selection of anaesthetic and analgesic drugs used in every veterinary medicine. You will hear about techniques for safe anaesthesia and effective analgesia in dogs and cats

Both courses will be given in Dutch

After course day “Essential Anaesthesiology” the participants will:

  • Understand the role of pre-anaesthetic assessment
  • Be able to assess a patient according to the ASA system
  • Be familiar with the characteristics of different anaesthetic methods and medications
  • Understand the function and use of anaesthetic machines and monitoring instruments
  • Manage to perform assisted ventilation

After the course day “Advanced Anaesthesiology” the participants will:

  • Be familiar with local and regional techniques as well as total intravenous anaesthesia (TIVA)
  • Have an understanding of anesthesia and pain management in intensive care
  • Understand and be able to handle patients with ASA 3-5
  • Be able to perform a resuscitation


Voor meer informatie over deze nascholing en inschrijvingen kunt u kijken op de website van AniCura Continuing Education.