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Emergency patient part 2

Datum: 1 november 2018
Locatie: De Schildkamp, Asteren
Aanvang: 16.00
Onderwerp: Emergency and Critical Care
Sprekers: Chiara Valtolina & Meredith ‘t Hoen
Kosten: medewerkers Evidensia praktijk: €100,- excl. BTW, extern: €120,- excl. BTW
Organisatie: Evidensia Academy


Korte omschrijving

Emergency patients are the most difficult patients for a veterinarian to deal with. They often present with severe alterations of their cardiovascular, respiratory and neurological system. If not promptly recognised and stabilised, they will most likely contribute to that patient’s poor outcome. Pain is often poorly recognised and treated. The fear of worsening the patient’s already fragile clinical condition and the fear of the different drugs’ side effects are some of the reasons why analgesia is not yet well implemented in this patient’s population. Furthermore in between emergency patients, dyspnoeic patients are surely the most fragile patients that cause emergency veterinarian a lot of stress.

During this lecture we will continue our discussion on emergency patients. We will consider how to develop an appropriate analgesic plan, how to decrease the stress of the veterinarian dealing with a patient in respiratory distress and how we can best stabilise these difficult patients.


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